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Have you thought about having your business on the internet?

What a web site can do for you -
What we can do for you -
The basics -

A web site can go from simple to highly complex.

At the most basic level it presents products and services to the customer (site visitor). It is static over short time periods. Until you edit the contents nothing changes. The customer sees what you have to offer then must call or e-mail to purchase.

At more advanced levels the site becomes dynamic. The customer can choose what products or services he wishes to see and gets only those products shown to him. With this dynamic feature any single product can fall into several categories for the customer to choose from and be presented when any of those categories were selected. A shopping cart feature allows the customer to assemble an order. A secure checkout feature allows the customer to enter personal data and a means of payment (credit card information) to complete the purchase.

The steps -

The first item is to define the structure or framework of your site. This provides all the navigation tools for the customer to select, view and purchase your products.

With this canvas ready next comes filling in all the product data. Over the internet pictures are the only way to see the product. And of course some description along with information for the customer to know his price is necessary.

With the site ready it needs to be accessable from the internet. A hosting service provides this. Web site hosting is a speciality service market which has good economical competition.

How we can do this for you -

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