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Over 30 years in industry.
Hands on design experience in product design/development,
test design/development, test program software development.
Product and test system design services, reverse engineering services.
Dynamic database driven website development

Software development
Assembly & C language programming for real-time applications.
Software work with FORTRAN, BASIC, C, PASCAL, Assembly.
Windows 3.1, WIN95/98, NT applications development with MS Visual C++ and VB.
Windows/MAC applications with Metroworks 'CodeWarrior' (C++, Pascal, Java).
WIN95/98, NT Test program rewrite and development with CVI, LABWindows, VB.
Porting Linux to custom hardware platforms, including hardware specific kernel drivers.
Hardware development
Work with Motorola microprocessors 6800, 6809, 68HC11, 68070, 68020.
Embedded applications with Intel 386EX, Motorola 6800, 6809, Hitachi H8/300,
Microchip PIC processors, Atmel ARM, ST Micro ARM Cortex.
Assembly & C language programming of the above for real-time applications,
both bare metal arquitecture and using FreeRTOS.
XILINX, Lattice FPGA applications for high-density high-speed functions.
Numerous applications with other PLD, CPLD and FPGA devices.
PWB development with P-Cad, PADS, OR-Cad, Eagle, KiCad.
Development of VMEbus, DEC Q22 bus, STD bus boards.
Design of IEEE-488, Parallel, Serial interfaces.
Design of IrDA interfaces with Embednet stack.
Low-band VHF design.
Analog instrumentation circuit design.
Power control (SCR) and power supply design.
Consumer, Industrial and Military product development.
ATE work with GenRad, Trendar, HP, Zentel.
Development of ATE with VXI and GPIB instruments, and custom design devices.
Web site development - click here for more info
Database driven web sites using MySQL scripted with php.

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